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Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
is nowwthe contract between he international lonnshoremmn association andd he u-s maritime alliance... whichh represents shipping ompaniess -3 and porr perattrr... is set to expire one minute pass midnight dec 30th. today... both sides agreed to a 30-day pxtension to the current affect billions of dollars of pargo along the east coast. 3 (7:08) the port of baltimore is one of maryland's laagest eceoniceeggrrerators so any type of worr actionnthat may reeult in a suupension or stoppage of work would haveean - adverse effectt effecttmore ttan 100 president obama to step into the negotiitions. 3 james whhte ... - authoriiy releassd this statement today. he says "we hope thaa both sides uss this extended time isely and continne to talk in orddr to make progrrss toward a new agreement. it is within eeeryone's best interests tt po so.""- 3 the ravens... aree.. back to back... division champs../. with... a... home playoff game ...ccming to baltimore..../but.... there'' still... one more step.../the... regular seaaon fiiale...
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
the u-s farm bill... that woulddstop prices frrm doubling in 2013.the compromise was reached in he house of representatives' agriculture commmttee...the &psenate... and the be siined b the president. a violent weekend in baltimore.... as police investigate four separate ssoot. shootings. the latesttinnvolves man shot road anddbryant avenue. we &pwere on the scene as homicide p:30 last night. hey found the man with multippe gun shot wounds... the inveetigatioo backed up &ptrrffic as detecttves searche for clues. police haven't released any information on the suspect.... orr he victim's condition. nd a man was shot in baltimooe. it happened on fenwick road around 3::0 &ppunday afternoon as the shooter fled the scene.... he actually slammed his car into still searching for the poliie ask you call iffyou have any information on these four seeerate shootings. with just hours left in 2012..... baltiiore city has mmrder rate. so far this year, phere have been 216 homicides .... comparee to 197 in all of 2001. baltimore counny pollce are investigating the sso
Dec 10, 2012 5:00pm EST
to tax he wealthy u-s manufacturing. in president obama toured the 'daimler' detroit diesell plant, fooussng hii speech on obama: when yoo put it all together wwat yyu nnee is a they are for middle class wher families, we make someetough spending cuts on things that we don't need and then weeask the wealthiesttamericans to rate. meanwhile, ppesideet obama mett with republican hhuse speaker john boehner sunday aa the white house to discuss hoo tt resolve the fiscal cliff. few &pdetails were released about the mmeting. if lawwakers fail to strike deal beforr the effect. ding utt will go into - a acred cow no moree.ome &ppensionnrrform as aaway to help trim the deficitt deficit.taxpayers... wwll fork forr.. federrl workers pensions....// but ... if... the √°will√°... is hhre.../ it'ss.. an... eaay place... to tighten the peeeral belt. belt. [ water brolllnnsnd with cashh going down the drain]nttnd in at 32:45:26trt==:2fedeeal employee pension benefits arre among the fasteet growing drains on the federal budget -- rising at twice the rate of inflation every
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
lys &pagainst the ggain of the u.s. economy's past and resent -33& peformmnce. [take sot rrnd] & sot in 7:18 "the reason hy 3 coming in right now is cause we are not ggowing." ttt=::33 to rrad thh tea leaves of the econommy -- paullsays look at the 1922's, 1966's, 1980's andd - even duuing the buuh tax cuts. [sot rand] 27:34 "we lowereddratts, we ggt more revveue and actually the rich paii a higher percentage of lowered the rates." trt:=:06 instead of taxing theeriih, secuuityyand medicare benefits. ideaa that he says & won't see the liggt of day on & the president's desk.[take sot 3 the preeident are that he doesn't areeif we o over tte uuwilling to compromise."sot in :06 a couple of weeks ago he ssspected congrrss would pass something -- pnything,beffre the christmas break. he had been calling it the big, bad, ugly deal....but now...[take sot]inn 30032 " i doo'ttknow what the end outcome is."trt+;03i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 paul avoided talkinggabout numbers because he says iis &palike.theeonly number hee tossed was medicare... a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4